How To Brew Coffee In New York City

Every time I watch “Girls” I’m amazed by Lena’s Dunham talent – she is the creator of the show (for those who don’t know – the show is about 4 NY girls in their twenties who are trying to make a living in NYC). I have to admit – the new season is terrific and has Lena coming back in full glory. But this is not what I want to write about. There is one theme that keeps coming back this season – a coffee shop that got popular overnight and left another coffee shop owned by one of the show’s characters, Ray, without any patrons. I have to admit – I laughed out loud when Ray complained that New Yorkers always want to be “so cool and eco” and they go to a place with a slogan like: “We serve coffee in cups, but without lids”, and then they come into his coffee shop and steal lids. Yup, There are New Yorkers for you. Their “being eco” usually ends right where their comfort zone ends. Do you really think that New Yorker will be wandering around with coffee spilling out all over the place? Are you kidding me? We might do it once, maybe twice, in order to show off and to post a pic on Instagram, but that’s it. Big Apple people love “new and different” places, but there is a reason why there’s always a line at Starbucks – at some point they will choose something that’s familiar and convenient. 

Once, I went to a place “with a different brewing philosophy” in Williamsburg. A barista put a coffee filter in each cup, wielded a timer, brewed, waited, stayed focused. I have to admit that I was pretty amused with the whole process. I had high hopes for this “cup of dreams” that was coming to me and… when I finally got the taste of it, all I wanted to do is to spit it out right after I took a sip (not to mention get back $4 I spent). Abracadabra… see you in Starbucks!

Speaking of “Girls” again – I truly believe that this show will acquire a cult show in some time and that Lena has a very bright future ahead of her. She’s a very talented girl and her brilliance will just grow. I’m thinking it would be great to work with her one day. Why not?