Workshop with Tony Robbins

You know that feeling, right? You wake up with a smile on your face, you smile at yourself in the mirror, you eat a good breakfast, you work out a bit, you put on some good music and you do a little dance in your apartment. At moments like this, you feel the world is limitless and you can do anything you’d like. You go out into the street, and you keep up that great feeling for a short while, and then suddenly: crash… life happens. You meet someone mean, something breaks, you miss your bus or your subway train, something goes awry at work, your mom calls you and drives you mad. A million things can burst that euphoric feeling and bring you down in a matter of seconds. A few situations like that and we start our favorite cycle of moaning yet again. Then, day after day, seamlessly, we start weaving “truths” about ourselves: about what we feel, what we can do and what we are not capable of. There’s no use for our friends to tell us that we are capable of more and that we can do so much better since we are (according to them) the best. You sort of half-believe them, but it so happens that you are still incapable of raising the bar for ourselves, or of raising it to the very top, since “I can’t now”, “it’s not for me”, “some time from now”, “there are people better than me”. As a result, you fail to pursue your dream. You don’t follow your dream, because deep inside you don’t believe you can reach it; you don’t follow it, because deep inside you don’t feel you deserve living it. In consequence, your life is not incredible – it’s often terrific, it’s often ok, but usually it’s just barely ok. You won’t even notice it, but there are less and fewer moments when you laugh so hard tears are streaming down your cheeks. Before you realize it, you start to surround yourself with people who don’t raise the bar for themselves; or worse: they resigned from having a bar at all.

My life used to be more than ok; I used to be happy, for one day I dared to follow my dream and I ended up in NY. Was it easy? Hell, no! Just try leaving everything you love and make a journey into the unknown. (Hello to all my fellow-emigrants!) Once in NYC, I achieved all I wanted step by step. I woke up each morning with a smile and I was grateful for the life I had the courage to begin. But I also felt I am capable of more and I should be doing really great things, but I kept coming up with excuses not to do them (excuses I once saw as serious ones, even though now I see them as ridiculous). I was simply afraid – afraid of not being good enough to turn my dreams into reality. I kept dreaming, but only on the surface of my everyday life; deep down, I was still clinging to all the bullshit I amassed.

Still, I am lucky enough to have Laara in my life, a British woman living in NY. Once I told her I feel something is changing within me and I need a breakthrough, she told me one thing: “Go see Tony Robbins”. My first reaction: God, I don’t even know what that guy does; I know he exists, but I know he’s expensive, and I’m broke, besides he’s in Florida! Laara simply repeated: you have to go, it will change your life. I asked her if the Tony Robbins workshop influenced her business (Laara is a great hairstylist and she teaches hairstyling workshops), and all she said was: “Are you kidding? I am making ten to twenty times more! That guy gets RESULTS!”. That’s what got me; I got greedy for the money. I left Laara’s place and I immediately wrote my friend Magda, saying I am going to see Tony Robbins’ workshop in Florida and I asked if she’s coming with me. Magda heard of him too, so when it turned out we both have the date free, we decided to do a road trip together. As we were registering, a lady on the phone asked us “what is it that we are coming with”, to which we replied that it’s all about getting our business in shape. She replied calmly: “You can’t get your business straight if you don’t get your personal life straight”. It was then that I felt I am going to the right place. 

I didn’t Check anything more on purpose, I didn’t read stuff online, I didn’t watch YouTube clips: I just decided to go along with it, trusting Laara and my intuition. As a result, I and Magda spent four most inspiring days of our lives at the workshop. We came back from it as women at peace with our past (you have no idea how many things from your past is stuck inside you and block you), as well as women seeing themselves more clearly, loving ourselves and loving the lives we have. What’s more: we know now that we can do anything, the only limits we have are those we built inside ourselves by fearing defeat. We have so much energy, we are jumping in the streets. You know that light feeling, when you bounce, for there is not single care weighing you down? No, we are not afraid that the euphoria will pass after a week. If it does, we know how to restore it.

It is not my goal to talk you into attending a Tony Robbins workshop; he’s not a guru or a motivational speaker; he’s not a guy advertising „positive thinking”. He’s a guy proving to you that your body can influence your mind and what kind of emotions are you creating. He breaks your bullshit spine in half and fixes it so that you become yourself. If you want to treat yourself to something special, go to a Tony Robbins workshop – no trip around the world, no new car, and no clothes will give you that much joy and the new quality of life in quite the same way. When I was beginning the workshop, I was wondering if I will write about it, but now I can’t imagine myself not doing it. I am proud I took the workshop, I am proud I took yet another step to make my life good, aware and I. I am ready for an oustanding life! Make yourself the gift, I guarantee your life is going to change (you will also lose weight, which may be an extra motivation for many). I am happy and I am unstoppable. I freakin’ ROCK!

P.S. If you have any additional questions about the workshop, simply write me and I will be happy to give you more information.