Super Bowl

This Sunday, Super Bowl happens – and it’s one of biggest American holidays. For those of you not in the know: this is the grand finale of the football season. It always happens on a February Sunday and it always involves a lot of beer and buffalo wings (a must at any game-watching). For a few years now, I am also celebrating the day, even though I would have been at a loss, had you asked me which team played against which. It’s not that I’m not interested in sports, for I do love it; it’s just that I still find American football and baseball a bit confusing – but give me one more year.

What really matters at the Super Bowl are two things: HalfTime, that is the show taking place in the middle of the game (for many, that’s the part more important than the game itself) and the commercials. Big companies are preparing a special set of ads costing huge amounts of money. The ads are expected to be different and memorable, since they will be as much discussed as the HalfTime itself. In my experience, the commercials are not that different or memorable – at least for me. And I still cannot understand how all those agencies, having so much money and talent at their disposal, can’t come up with an ad that the whole US (not to mention the world) would talk about.

As far as the show is concerned, the main star will be Coldplay, which is a bit surprising to me, for even though I am aware they just released an album, it’s been a while since I liked something of theirs. Supposedly, Beyonce (absolutely adored here) is to join them, and I bet most people will be waiting for her.

Anyhow, I am looking forward to the Super Bowl, since I am lucky enough to have a friend who always gives Super Bowl parties, providing us with a good excuse to have a few drinks and a few wings (I’m just kidding, I’m more of a brownie girl). But it’s the whole atmosphere that I like: people walk around in excitement, sporting their teams t-shirts, the bars are full. Super Bowl may be the best excuse yet invented for binge drinking and eating like there’s no tomorrow – calories don’t scare us when the Super Bowl is on. So, let the games begin!