What Are You Waiting For?

Every time we hear of someone’s passing, we get a cramp in our stomach and there’s this red light that blinks within us. We almost take it personally and one of the thought immediately springing to our minds (or at least to my mind) is: “Seize the day, since you never know what is going to happen”.

The rule wasn’t broken on the sad occasion of David Bowie’s death. I don’t mean that he was someone whose discography I knew back and forth and listened to it all the time since that wasn’t the case. I only just started to discover his music recently and I felt I might have grown enough to appreciate it. He was one of the artists I wanted to see perform live and I now know I will never see. That’s exactly the moment I am talking about: the instant when you realize that something that just a day or an hour before was within your grasp will NEVER happen. That word “NEVER” keeps ringing in my head since I have read all those headlined on that fatal Sunday. That’s the moment when you realize an opportunity has been missed. Of course, someone’s concert is but a single example, but it so happened that Bowie’s death provoked me to ask the question: what would we do, had someone presented us with a second opportunity? Would we be able to seize it? Would we make the same mistake twice?

It was a few years ago that I got rid of any illusions as far as the sentence “I will do that one day” is concerned. I don’t believe in “someday”; I believe in “now”. That’s how I made my decision to come here. If there’s something you dream to do, just do it and don’t wait for far future. There are two reasons for that: first, tomorrow may never happen. How can you be sure something that will alter your life forever won’t happen? Second: the thing you dream of today may not necessarily be your dream tomorrow. There’s a big chance that making it happen in some time from now won’t give you as much happiness. You may ask: “If that’s the case, then maybe it’s not worth it?”. It is worth it: the emotions you will experience will push you forward and give you that special high that tells you that life is great and you are living it to the full.

One of my favorite sentences that stuck to my mind as if it were a bullet was this: „Anytime someone says, ‘Oh, I wanted to do it, that was my dream, but I never made it happen’, that means one thing: ‘You never made it happen, that means that was never your real dream. Had it been your dream, you would have done everything possible to make it happen”.

Instead of complaining that someone is living your life, get your ass off your chair and do something about it. Just do it now; you have no time to wait.