Rich Girls in Their Twenties

There is a certain group of people which, I regret to say, I am incapable of dealing with. These are young, white, rich American twenty-something girls straight out of college.  Their closest kin is the “basic bitch” I already wrote about at Just Like NY. Their older cousin is Charlotte of “Sex & the City”. These are girls from the so-called “good families”, with parents loaded with “old money”. They grew up believing that they are exceptional and that the world is their oyster. They all look alike. Long (usually loose) hair, generic cocktail dress, discreet accessories (delicate earrings, equally delicate watch and a chain with a – you guessed it – delicate ornament). They usually wear flat shoes, and even if they put on heels, they still carry an extra pair of flat shoes with them. They are a bit oversensitive and they don’t notice anyone not belonging to their own social circles.

They get their first job when they are twenty but in fact they all dream of getting married. They are usually the earlier incarnations of the Upper East Side women whom I wrote about recently. They are reasonably confident in their career and life choices. They seem to have everything figured out for themselves: marriage by 25, a handsome, Brooks Brothers-and-Lacoste-clad husband sporting a haircut that cries “boredom”… They keep being ridiculed by other New Yorkers, especially African Americans and gay people (as well as several other groups). One thing’s for certain: they would be the only group having any difficulty understanding why they are being laughed at.

Even though they did me no wrong and I never had an unpleasant situation with any of them, there’s still something in them that intensely irritates me. Maybe it’s the way they talk…? (They usually talk in a high pitch my ears have trouble digesting.) Or maybe it’s the fact they’re very boring and predictable, and besides act as if they were privileged. I was trying to come up with a topic I would gladly discuss with them, but I am still at a loss. Their social circle is confined to other white, rich Americans and they don’t allow for much mixing (including cultural mixing). I guess that’s what I find so irritating: their sense of privilege and preoccupation with themselves, which at times feels almost like inbreeding.

When they get drunk, which I observed on many an occasion, they become even louder and more irritating. Suddenly their high-heel shoes fall off and their perfectly combed hair gets messy, and their vocabulary becomes more vulgar. They consider a night like that “wild” or “totally crazy”. I would really like to see them in a drag queen club one night and hear what the queens would say about them (those guys often are more feminine and charming than real girls, btw). But the chances of that are minimal since the girls in question don’t go to “places like that”. In one word, they are boring. And boredom is the one thing I don’t tolerate at all.