Who Am I Afraid Of, Who Do I admire? (And Why It’s Women in Both Cases)

Do you watch American films? I bet. And so, whom do you think you should be afraid of in New York? As for me, I am not scared of gangsters or drug dealers. I am afraid of an entirely different group: of black American women. I can’t help it. I am afraid of them and I admire them simultaneously. I admire their self-confidence, which I wrote about before at Just Like NY. No matter their size, they strut their stuff as if they were Miss World and they don’t care what you think. What’s more, they attract men tremendously. Why am I afraid of them, then? For the exact same reason: they’re unstoppable. How does it show? Never (and I mean never) do they hesitate about expressing their disgruntlement – and they get disgruntled pretty often. As soon as they are not happy about something, they won’t merely give you a dirty look, they will speak up. A few days ago I was standing in line when suddenly I heard: “Excuse me, since when are you standing in front of me?”. (Their “Excuse me” is not a regular “I’m sorry” – it expresses a gamut of emotion you hope you will never have applied to yourself). It turned out that the lady was merely checking out some small item in the alley, while in fact she was standing in line. I didn’t say a word, I simply backed away – she gave me a cursory glance and stood in front of me. 

When someone takes a double seat on a Subway (a crime in NY!), a black lady won’t think twice before she stands over the guy and says “Excuse me!!!” in the way that makes him move over. And if he doesn’t make enough room, the woman won’t mind at all and she will simply make herself comfy next to him (again, no matter what her size is). Sometimes I see black couples arguing and as I look at the guys (who are often very well built; as my black friend told me, he needs only to work out a little and the results show very quickly – so much for white guys, I guess!) and I see that they are completely helpless when confronted with their girlfriends. The women will keep yelling at them until they ask, humbly: “I don’t know what you want from me, baby?”. Don’t worry, man, she knows exactly what she wants of you. As for me, I admire those ladies. And yes, I keep being slightly afraid of them.