Park Slope

I’ve been wanting to visit Brooklyn’s Park Slope for a while now, since I knew it was famous for its brownstones and… its high rents. Oh yeah – to live here, you need a really fat wallet. The reason for that is mostly the neighboring Prospect Park, the largest park in Brooklyn, almost as large as Central Park in Manhattan. Both Prospect and Central Parks are much more than walking areas. You will find here many baseball diamonds, playgrounds and barbecue areas. And, of course, running tracks. That’s what makes the place attractive. I went there the last week of April and I need to admit that the number of brownstones took me by surprise. They’re located between 6th and 9th Avenue and stretch all the way from Union Street to about 13th Street. They form seemingly unending rows of similar, highly elegant buildings, which really make an impression.

Another characteristic thing about the place is its demographic, which consists mostly of well-to-do parents with children. You keep seeing parents with baby carriages all the time. If you’re looking for entertainment, this is not the place for it. There are some cafes and bagel places, but this is definitely a quiet neighborhood. Also, it’s very clean, which cannot be said of most places in NY. I recommend to come here for a weekend walk, at the time of the 7th Ave. flea market, where you can find interesting old trinkets. After the walk, you can always organize a barbecue in the park. 

In order to get here, I recommend taking the F or the G train and get off at 7th Avenue Station.