NY Food You Need to Try, Part I

There are a couple of things you simply have to taste while in NY. Of course, there’s no end to delicious food in this city. But without these few items your trip over here won’t ever be complete.

1. Bagel, which I already wrote about. It’s an absolute must. Since everyone likes a different topping, I should not try to convince you to have any particular one – and yet I will. You have to try two kinds for sure: cream cheese, available everywhere, and lox cream cheese bagel. I recommend three places in particular: Atlas Café (34 Clinton St. in Lower East Side), Russ and Daughters at 179 E Houston St. and The Half King at 505 W 23rd St. Recently, I also discovered cinnamon bagel with cream cheese, nuts and raisins (20th St & 1st Ave.), but I will understand if you won’t immediately follow me in this regard.

2. Pastrami sandwich at Katz’s Delicatessen, which I already wrote about. A classic, as famous as Empire State Building. An absolute must.

3. A slice of pizza, preferably margarita. I will devote my next post to pizza alone since it’s a subject as wide as NYC itself. You cannot leave NY without having a slice. That would be tantamount to not having been here at all. I am not exaggerating.

4. Chocolate Chip Cookie. You will find it in any coffee shop. I particularly recommend the ones at Insomnia Cookies (there are several locations, such as the one at 14th and 6th) or at Koffecake Corner at 17th & 8th. Should you wander to West Village, especially near Bleecker Street, cookies will lurk at you from every shop window.

5. Sesame Chicken at Chinese place. Chinese takeaways are everywhere here (literally) and I already mentioned them. They offer food both inexpensive (unfortunately for those trying to lose weight) and yummy. Sesame Chicken in sweet sauce is certainly not the healthiest choice, but it’s addictive. I use the whatever remnants of willpower I have to eat at those places only once a month. The temptation is also in the price: a big portion can be as cheap as $5.