Top 10 Spots You Can’t Miss in NY, Part II

Last time, we parted at Times Square, and since I left you there, walk a couple of blocks to…

6. Grand Central Station. You really should come here, especially if you happen to be a movie buff. Many famous scenes were shot there, including the famous ball sequence in “Fisher King” [] and it’s worth it to check out for yourself just how magical it really is. I recommend seeing it at Christmas time when gorgeous lights are dancing in its windows.

7. Next step is Rockefeller Center. This is the famous place with an ice skating rink and an a golden statue of Prometheus stealing fire from the gods. The rink itself is not as big as you’d think, but the building itself is – you should stand at its base and look up, I assure you it will be difficult for you to see the top of it. It is next to Rockefeller Center that the most famous NYC tree is placed every year, and it is there that most tourists head. This is where you can feel the Christmas spirit especially well –and this is the place that gave the “30 Rock” show its title.

8. Central Park. The image I had of the Park was nothing like the real thing I saw, which made me thing of a thick forest rather than a park. You will find all sorts of things here: bicycle roads, running tracks, baseball diamonds, amusement parks, carousels, lakes and horse buggies filled with tourists. You simply need to see it. Try to leave it near Columbus Circle, where the Trump building is located, with its famous silver ball glistening by sunlight and moonlight alike.

9. The next place I’m going to describe wouldn’t make it to my personal list, but for many tourists it’s absolutely crucial. I mean the famous department store, Macy’s. It’s the biggest department store in NY, famous not only for its size, but also because the beautiful window displays during Christmas season. The store is located at 34th street, one of the most popular places in NY for shopping. It’s good to become the part of this crowd for a minute and then… run for your life.

10. Empire State Building. It’s my favorite building in NY. After you’ve walked many New York streets on foot, it’s worth to move upwards and look at it from above. Not all people think this point of the program is necessary, but I truly believe it’s worth it to look at this concrete jungle from above and get frightened – as well as delighted- with is enormity.