Top 10 Spots You Can’t Miss in NY, Part I

Most likely you won’t see everything you’d like to see. And it’s not necessarily bad – you will see it the next time around :)Still there are some absolute musts.

1. Statue of Liberty – a typical tour of NY starts with going to downtown Manhattan, to Battery Park, where you can take a ferry to Statue of Liberty. You will see it from afar, standing in the middle of the ocean. Once you reach it, though, you will learn it is not as huge as it first seems.

2. Wall Street – once you reach Statue of Liberty, the next logical stop is Wall Street. It’s just a couple of blocks away from Battery Park. Let me warn you: not all of the guys you will see there look like Leonardo Di Caprio in “The Wolf of Wall Street”. In fact, none of them looks like that. But still it’s a must to take a picture in front of New York stock exchange and in the, well, “back” of the famous bull.

3. We all know what happened on 11 September 2001, and of course we are all curious to see the new Freedom tower currently occupying the same spot. What can surprise you is that the new tower is standing a bit away from the original location – the huge gaping holes where the original WTC used to stand have been transformed into memorial monuments.

4. While in downtown Manhattan, make sure to get to the Brooklyn Bridge. It’s definitely my favorite bridge here, especially impressive at night. It’s one of iconic spots in NYC, simply unmissable. Why? Simply because the view of the city you will get from there is worth a million bucks at the very least.

5. Times Square – of course. I also cannot imagine you could miss that particular spot. I know you have seen it a million times in the movies, but still you will be surprised. I know people blown away by it and I know people disappointed in how “small” it is. Still, it’s a must. For tourists, NY equals Times Square. For New Yorkers, NY equals everything but.