Are you A „Basic Bitch”?

You don’t know if you are since you have no idea what I’m talking about…? I also read the phrase a few days back in the New York Magazine and I immediately found a great video that made it popular: 

The moniker “basic bitch” has stuck to girls who depend on all the things that seem “basic” to them. It concerns both what they’re wearing and their philosophy of life. What are some of the things constituting their standards…? Basic bitches sip on Starbucks pumpkin latte and put their photos in a frame with a “family” sign on it. They like their bagels scooped out since that diminishes the number of the much-feared calories. They work out and buy special outfits that will “make the workout experience more comfortable”. A basic bitch reads “US Weekly”, quotes “Mean Girls” and watches “Friends”. She’s not a shopaholic, but once she buys something, it’s always by the most famous brands. She wears UGG shoes, leggings and Noth Face winter jacket. She’s having skinny margaritas (a drink created on one of gossip channels here) and talks all the fresh celebrity gossip.

She’s a type of girl who dreams of a husband and of making her own family, and who will always „stay feminine” (no frills, nothing special: long straight hair only) as well as pretty. She’s never androgynous (she’s probably not aware one could be). All diversity is simply unnoticed by her, and even if her internal radar registers it, it’s not understood. She’s the girl running around the middle of Manhattan in a cocktail dress, a string of pearls and long shiny hair blowing in the wind. You will see her on her way to yet another Manhattan rooftop party, where she will sip white wine or some other drink of the season. As soon as the party’s over, she’ll upload a snapshot of the sunset on Instagram.

Before I even read about them, I noticed them all around me. Still, I haven’t suspected that the phenomenon is so well described – and stigmatized. Basic bitches usually don’t know they are ones. For them this way of living is a standard they perceive as global and universal. For me at least, the thing that is basic is the thing that is boring – and boredom is simply not a part of my private standard, I am afraid.