The 99 Cent Wonder

I’m not sure if places like that exist in other countries. I only encountered them in the States. The 99 cents stores can be found everywhere here, and they sell literally everything. I’m not exaggerating. You need some toothpaste, hygienic pads, a giant letter made of paper, a wire hanger, a set of new glasses, a cable to hook up your laptop to the TV…? You’ve come to the right place. Every time I find myself in need of nails, pins, bubble wrap, a screwdriver or washing detergent – that’s where I go. It’s rarely that I ask for something there and hear it’s not available. It so happens that it’s here that you will find all the things you never suspected you’re going to need. 

Upon arrival in NY, I recommend visiting what is probably the largest of all 99 cents stores: Jack 99 at 32nd & Broadway. It has three floors and covers all bases. Of course not everything is exactly 99 cents, but the majority of goods is. It’s more about the general rule saying that what you will buy here is going to be cheap (umbrellas for $1.99, Lindt chocolate for $2.99, Revlona lip gloss for $15.99). The store provides a perfect solution for tourists, who usually forget important things amidst all the craziness of travel (plug adapter? cutlery? toothpaste? Not a problem!). Instead of pointlessly spending tons of money, you can get your stuff at Jack’s. I wouldn’t suggest to shop for family souvenirs here (unless you have an aunt you are not particularly fond of), but all things you urgently need can definitely be found here.