Dumbo in Brooklyn

Since I moved to Brooklyn, everyone keeps asking me if I had visited Dumbo yet (Dumbo means „Down under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass”). Some of them think that this is “the place to be”, others think that it used be like that in the past, but not anymore. Wherever the truth lies, I recommend to visit this part of Brooklyn. What makes this neighborhood different is a lot of concrete and the Manhattan bridge above your heads. Dumbo is changing and you can feel something hip in the air. First of all, there are a lot of young people around: Dumbo is home to 25 percent of New York City-based tech companies. Within a 10-block radius there are 500 tech and creative firms that employ over 10,000 people. I really like this neighborhood and lately spend lots of time in one of the coffee shops on 25 Jay St. – Brooklyn Roasting Company. Actually I’m sitting here right now. Highly recommended.