Summer JustGuide, Part I

Summer has arrived all too suddenly and since it will be too short as always, you need to be alert and know what’s going on. I already missed out on some events, because it escaped me that the season is already in bloom.

First of all, I recommend following the series of events under the Celebrate Brooklyn banner: 

These are openair concerts taking place in Prospect Park. I came across them last year when I saw Theopilius London and didn’t regret it. It was incredibly hot, people sat on blankets and was having a picnic, there was beer aplenty and everyone seemed to be in the state of bliss (which might have had something to do with the ubiquitous wafts of pot smoke). What’s important: entry to most of the concerts is free, and the fee that’s sometimes charged is merely symbolic.

It’s also important to take a look at Summerstage. You will find more information on it here: Some of the concerts are ticketed, but many are free. It’s not only a musical event, since you will find plenty of other art forms, and even children-oriented events.

The HBO festival has also started, with the traditional film screenings in Bryant Park. They take place every Monday evening. You can enter the lawn from 5 PM on, and the screening itself stars at sundown. It’s worth to come here if only to witness the frenzy of people trying to get good spots on the lawn. I was shocked when I saw how determined and feisty they are. The screenings have started with a bang – the first movie was “Saturday Night Fever”. All of the films are listed here:

This is only the first part of my Summer JustGuide since summer in NY offers so many attractions – all you really need is time to attend them, since the money is not always required.