Bachelorette party at a gay bar? No!

I will be coming back to the topic of gay men in New York often, since I genuinely like the guys and I’m interested in them (still, I have to admit, straight guys interest me even more). It’s worth to investigate the gay club scene, especially if it happens to be populated by women dressed up as princesses. Once you spot a princess, you know you walked in on a bachelorette party. Yeah. I have to say it’s a real plague of late. It’s harder and harder to come across a gay party without a congo line of hand-holding, giggling (as in: dead drunk) women. Dear ladies, in case you wonder if you should organize a bachelorette party at a gay club, let me give you a short and simple answer: „NO”. Yes, I know it’s quite a treat to dance among perfectly sculpted and often very handsome guys, but you should realize that you’d be the only ones having the fun. All those handsome men don’t really enjoy it that much – in fact, they can get quite irritated by it. What possible fun could there be for a gay man to see a woman dancing around in a Playboy bunny hat, not caring whether one of her boobs had just slipped out of her dress? Your rubbing against them and throwing them flirty looks will be lost on them – they will only see that hottie you happen to be obstructing with your frame.

Where did the idea for such pre-nuptial craze even originate? I suspect it came from an erroneous view held by women who hope to find lots of testosterone in a place like that („So many beefcakes around me, yay!!”). Ladies, do you really think that it’s here that you’ll find the testosterone you’re craving so much? Those places can be more estrogen-soaked than a ladies’ room. It makes much more sense to party in those clubs once you already have that band of gold – you’ll get to look at cute guys and not get tempted too much, since no one will try to hit on you.

Women frequent gay bars because of general opinion that gay men will always compliment them and treat them like princesses. It may be true, but only if the women in question go to a gay bare once in several weeks, and not in huge groups and for every party. If you want to act in our shared interest – to still be adored (since it’s always nice to hear you’re beautiful, even if things won’t even get to first base) and have a great time – come to a gay bar on your own and don’t make fuss about your presence. Everyone will be happy then: the gay guys, who will look at your breasts with fondness (most likely recalling their moms’), as well as all of us: women who enjoy company of cheerful and gorgeous guys who don’t slap our asses asking „What’s up?” or – that old chestnut – „Are you having a good time?”.