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Don’t judge by the chapter you walked into.
It’s a new year, so I want you to change one thing. I would say “we,” but I’ve already been working on it the last two years (not that I’ve mastered it yet). Don’...

Why Some Women Don’t Want to Have Kids (And Why the Reason Is Not What You Think It Is)
Yes, I want to write about it (again), because it bothers me. I recently realized I don’t want to have kids (now and maybe ever). And I realized how difficult it is for a woman not only to adm...

You’re Fine
2018 has been a very successful year for me, because I finally understand that I’m completely fine. I just look at myself and I finally see myself. It took me half my life to understand it, bu...

It’s Profound to Be Understood
As Whoopi Goldberg said in her book „If He Says: ‚You complete me’ — Run!”, which I’ve already written about on JLNY some time ago, people tend to mistake love fo...

You’re Always Becoming
Michelle Obama released her book memoir, „Becoming”, and I keep seeing it everywhere in NYC. I haven’t read it yet and now I really want to. Not because I consider Barack Obam...

Drop This Attitude
I just had my best friend Gosia visited me from Chicago a few weeks ago. We spent the whole weekend together excited about each other. We did a few activities, but what was the most important was th...

Is Your Partner’s Skin Color or Country of Origin Relevant At All?
I will answer the titular question right away: „I don’t think so”. And I’m pretty sure I am right. I honestly don’t understand this whole theory about having a partner ...

How To Get the Body You Want
Have you ever said to yourself: “I’m so fat”…? Or “I can’t even look at myself”…?. Or “I will never lose all this weight”…? Or &l...

Accept the challenge
Until now, my favorite sentence was always: “Hope he’ll change after we get married.” (Yeah,  sure, into a pumpkin…) But there is a new contender that I find equally ...

NY Love Story A.D. 2019
I don’t like romantic comedies. And I can tell you why. Once, it used to be my favorite genre, but I grew up since then (a bit). Also — I moved to NY. Romantic comedies just don’t ...

When Was the Last Time Your Journal Embarrassed You?
When was the last time you said to yourself: “This is embarrassing”, and you actually meant yourself…? Well, it just happened to me. I sat down to write about something else and I...

Why It’s Important To Not Look Like Shit
Here is my question: Why do you think it’s a good idea to look like shit at home? Some people put on their worst clothes at home - clothes with holes, stretched out, worn out, old and ugly. (B...
2017-02-15 Transform Yourself

Step 22 - Does “Think positive” Make Any Sense?

I was always saying: “You have to think positive!” and I still believe it’s way more effective than focusing on “what can go wrong”. If you focus on what can go wrong, you can be more than sure that something will actually go wrong. It’s a fact. But recently I realized it’s actually a bit of a useless advice. It makes sense to say it to someone who is in
2017-02-12 Transform Yourself

Step 21: Pay Attention to Your Thoughts

I had this „weird” situation not long time ago that I already wrote about on my fanpage on Facebook. I just want to come back to it one more time, because I want you to start paying attention to something and to start thinking about what is that you want. Two months ago, I was very frustrated with my situation. I came to NY to follow my dreams and I caught myself dividing my time b
2017-02-05 Transform Yourself

Step 20 - Can You Scratch Alcohol and Cheese and Still Be Happy?

I know It’s a weird question, but what’s even funnier is that most of you will probably answer: “No”. And I want to tell you that most of you is wrong. Why do I ask about alcohol? Because it’s the most common thing that people say they can’t live without. Have you even tried? Not for a week or two, but for a longer period of time? I did it in 2015, I just dran
2017-02-01 Transform Yourself

Step 19: Three Things That Improve Your Life

I’ve been reading a lot recently and I’ve been watching many interviews with wise people who achieved a lot in life (I recommend the following YouTube channels: Inside Quest, Impact Theory and The School of Greatness), because I want to make some changes in my behavior, alter my habits and lead a more mindful life. All these people have their rituals that helped them achieved what th
2017-01-18 Transform Yourself

Step 18 - You Can Paint Your Future

What are you typical habits or routines at the beginning of the new year…? Do you have any…? I’ve never did so far, maybe except the usual New Year’s resolutions I forgot about right after January finished, but I decided to change it last year and tried something different. I read this book my friend Michal recommended to me: it’s called “168 hours” a
2016-12-20 Transform Yourself

Step 17 – You Get What You Think You’re Worth

The year is about to end, so I wanted us all to think what exactly happened in 2016. When a year is nearing its end, everyone is making plans for the upcoming on, or fool themselves with New Year’s resolutions, all the while forgetting to sit down for a few hours and simply think of what the passing year was actually like. Days go by so fast, you don’t even remember what exactly happ
2016-12-08 Transform Yourself

Step 16 – Put your phone down!

I swear, this has been the disease of 2016 and it’s already spreading out to the next year: let’s call it a chronic attachment to our phone syndrome. We’re all guilty of it. No exceptions. Including me. We’re constantly checking our phones, we’re constantly checking where they are, we get heart attacks the second we think we lost them. They give us pleasure, anxiety
2016-12-01 Transform Yourself

Step 15 - Dream Big – What Does It Even Mean?

How many times have you heard this sentence: “Dream big!” And how many times you actually didn’t have clue what was meant by that? How many times did you ask yourself: “OK, but… How big?” For some people, “big” means a journey they always wanted to experience. For someone else it’s getting married, for some others it’s having the fines

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