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How Many (Facebook) Friends Do You Need?
I remember when Facebook first came into our lives, we were all kind of proud of the fact that our friend count was growing. The more there is social media in our lives, the more I real...

Are You Able To Let Your Old Self Go?
I’m lucky enough to have a few friends whom I can share my fears, tears and happy moments with. These are friends with whom I can go through any emotional rollercoaster. It’s very i...

What’s The Best Dating Advice?
There are plenty of advisors on the dating scene – there are videos and articles about every aspect of dating, with all these great pieces of advice: “What to do on a date,” “W...

What You Really Need Is A Connection…With Yourself
I lead a life that I didn’t expect to be leading right now. (No, I’m not a princess living in a castle.) Six months ago, I decided not to have internet in my apartment. I have it on my pho...

Getting You Off The Hook.
I’ve done some thinking recently and tried to figure out the basic way people come up with an excuse. It’s a broad topic, but I’ve mostly experienced one response from variety of ...

Williamsburg Is Over
Summer’s almost here, so I decided to take a walk in Williamsburg, and it just reassured me that… thinks are really over for this neighborhood. I moved to Greenpoint (a sister neighbor...

Where is love?
Love has been on my mind recently (and probably has been unconsciously for a while now) and I started thinking about where to find it. I know it’s a pretty odd thing (you can&rsqu...

It’s Your Man Or...Your Girlfriend?
I recently noticed a very scary pattern, and I’m wondering what is causing it. I’ve noticed that women are a bit lost and confused as to what kind of partner they want to have by thei...

Should I Dump Him?
I was just sitting in the sauna at my gym last week, and I couldn’t help but overheard the conversation of two women around my age (even though I was trying very hard to focus on the guys in spe...

We all pretend it’s normal…
We all pretend that life in NY is normal. Just today I had the day off, which isn’t usually for a Thursday, and I decided to go to the gym before noon. I got on a train at 10am and...

What If I Told You That You Can Have a Different Life?
I know I will sound very naïve now, but I had a recent revelation I would like to share with you. I started thinking about the choices we make and why we actually make them. Those who have rea...

Poor Rich Kids
I have mentioned money in NYC on Just Like NY a few times already. There is a lot of money here, and people spend lots of it on a variety of weird and stupid things sometimes....
2016-10-18 Transform Yourself

Step 11 - You Have to Work Out

You just have to work out, there is no other way. If you want to be a good girlfriend, wife, mother, boyfriend, husband, father – you have to work out. People think that all this fuss about healthy living, working out, personal trainers (who suddenly became so popular) is just some kind of hype the only point of which is having a nicely shaped butt. Well, It’s not. I recently wrote o
2016-10-17 Transform Yourself

Step 10 – Don’t Take Everything For Granted

All wise people I’ve been listening to recently are saying basically the same thing: “Be grateful for what you already have, and it will bring results”. I think that one of our biggest everyday sins is that we take things for granted. And it’s true about every aspect of our lives. We think that everything we already have will always be there, so we stop appreciating it.&n
2016-10-02 Transform Yourself

Step 9 - Three steps to transform your body

I truly believe that the real transformation of your life starts with a transformation of your body. It’s really hard for me to believe that someone who’s been struggling with extra weight for their whole life can be truly satisfied with themselves. Even when those people say they are happy, I don’t really believe them, because I know what struggling with your body can do to yo
2016-09-28 Transform Yourself

Step VIII – Do you like yourself?

I started my “Transform yourself” section on Just Like NY to help you guys and to help myself lead new, more conscious and a happier life. I’ve been writing about changes that you should make in your life in order to fulfill yourself more, but I haven’t asked you the primary question: “Do you even like yourself”? I know that some of you would think it’s
2016-08-29 Transform Yourself

Step VII: Change your diet

I already wrote on Just Like NY about healthy eating habits, about how I changed my diet and how it helped me to go through my days differently. All this doesn’t mean I don’t occasionally sin – I’m not an angel, unfortunately, so it does happen that I eat something (like ice cream every few weeks) that I shouldn’t. But in general, 90% of time, I eat “clean&rdq
2016-08-24 Transform Yourself

Step VI – Keep Peace Within

I recently wrote in Step V on Just Like NY how important it is to find some time for yourself, ideally an hour without any kind of stimulation a day. I also mentioned Step II – and how important it is to be grateful every day. If you want to hear out your inner voice and make sure what is that you really want, it’s important to practice these things every single day. They will help y
2016-08-05 Transform Yourself

Step V: Calm Yourself Down

photp by I do believe that any kind of change – no matter if it’s about your body, your job, or your relationship –  must start from the inside. Everything starts in your mind, or to be more precise – it starts with changing your mindset. People usually don’t realize that nothing will change if they don’t change the
2016-07-26 Transform Yourself

STEP IV – Death in The Comfort Zone

I started with how to make small changes in your everyday life, but what you should really ask yourself is if you really want any changes in your life? Do you need a change? Why is that you want to change? Your life runs pretty smooth, there are better and worse days, you have a job, you have a place to live, you have some friends – it’s not bad overall. Why would you ruin all of th

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