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Do You Want To Be Famous?
Because I’ve been living here for almost five years now, I tend to forget what kind of place NYC is. It’s where fantasy keeps meeting reality. The longer you live here, the more “...

Double Standard – Why Are Women Treated Differently?
I had a situation that I wrote about on Facebook, but I want to write more about it, because there is more to it.  So there was a guy, a customer of mine who I had met maybe three times, who&n...

Why Having a Boyfriend Will Not Make You Happy?
When I was a teenage girl (that is one week ago… just kidding), my biggest dream was to have a boyfriend. Especially since a weekly column called “Love Story” from “Bravo&r...

What Happens Once You Stop Caring If People Like You?
What happens once you stop caring if people like you…? It’s simple – your life starts changing. Yes, it’s that huge. One day I realized that it happened to me – that ...

Men and Sex
What is it that men want when it comes to sex…? The thing is: they want to have everything. Including a virgin. That’s the funniest part. I didn’t have a lot of sex in my life (c...

The Most Annoying American Family
I must say, I’m so fed up with these fake images and fake lives that are all over social media now. And there is one family that makes me especially angry. You’ve p...

Step 53 - Do You Have A Choice?
I believe I have already written about what I am about to say in this post, but I’ll be coming back to the subject, because it’s really important. I notice more and more often that we ge...

Step 52 - Don’t Assume (Or In Another Words, Don’t Judge)
We’re all guilty of it. We judge. And even if you say or think that you don’t, I have bad news for you – yes, you do. We all classify people based on our knowledge of the...

Stereotypes. Have Enough Class To Not Say Anything
I wrote about stereotypes already, but the longer I live here, the more I see that not much is changing in this matter. Living in NY will help you learn more about other cultures, but it doesn&rsq...

What’s My Health Plan For 2018?
I want to share with you my health plan for this year. I don’t know if it works out. I will be experimenting and see what would work for me – and what would be the results in December 20...

Americans’ Dirty Secret
It’s a very difficult topic, but since I really want to write about it, I’m now taking a risk. I’ve been living here for almost five years – and if I combined that period wit...

My Jobs in NY
I wrote about jobs in New York already – about how I believe that there is no job that you should be ashamed of. Let me tell you about my job experience here in a bit more detail. As soon as...
2016-08-24 Transform Yourself

Step VI – Keep Peace Within

I recently wrote in Step V on Just Like NY how important it is to find some time for yourself, ideally an hour without any kind of stimulation a day. I also mentioned Step II – and how important it is to be grateful every day. If you want to hear out your inner voice and make sure what is that you really want, it’s important to practice these things every single day. They will help y
2016-08-05 Transform Yourself

Step V: Calm Yourself Down

photp by I do believe that any kind of change – no matter if it’s about your body, your job, or your relationship –  must start from the inside. Everything starts in your mind, or to be more precise – it starts with changing your mindset. People usually don’t realize that nothing will change if they don’t change the
2016-07-26 Transform Yourself

STEP IV – Death in The Comfort Zone

I started with how to make small changes in your everyday life, but what you should really ask yourself is if you really want any changes in your life? Do you need a change? Why is that you want to change? Your life runs pretty smooth, there are better and worse days, you have a job, you have a place to live, you have some friends – it’s not bad overall. Why would you ruin all of th
2016-07-15 Transform Yourself

Step III – Change Your Habits

To achieve a big change, you have to start with small ones. Begin with your habits. Practicing a new habit every day will help you achieve something bigger in the long run. It might be about your looks, your job, you relationship or your place of living. Start from something small. For example, I promised myself I’ll make my bed every day (even if I use my bedroom only when I go to sleep
2016-07-11 Transform Yourself

Step II - Change Your Thinking

I recently wrote about change and how to make it happen. It will not happen without one crucial thing, though – that is, changing your thinking. This is an absolute must for everything else to fall into the right place. A change in thinking can happen only through training: not physical workout, but by actually training your brain. It begins with a simple thing: how do you start your day
2016-07-05 Transform Yourself

Step I - Change – How To Make it Happen?

I believe that change can make your life better. I believe that working on yourself can put your life on a different level. I started doing this with myself and can tell the difference. I want to share my experience and start this journey with you. Today is STEP I. I keep hearing that this person or other wants to change or is willing to change something in their lives. People are pretty d
2016-06-23 Transform Yourself

Three years in NYC: How Did It Change Me?

These past three years in New York City have been an emotional rollercoaster for me. Everything changed; it might not seem like that outside, but believe me: inside, there is a whole new me. My thinking made a full 180-degree turn. I am more humble now and I don’t take anything for granted. I know that everything may change or end in a single day. The high-speed reality taught me to look
2016-06-21 Transform Yourself

Do You Want To Be In a Relationship? Focus On the One You Have With Yourself First

Since I really deserved to watch a brainless movie after my busy May, I decided upon “How To Be Single”. I chose it because of the title and because it took place in NYC (which is always is a big plus for me). I wouldn’t recommend it, because it’s not a great movie, but it happens to deliver a message I wanted to write about here anyway. The movie is about 4 single wome

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