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Step 44 - How Do You See Yourself?
photo by I wonder what kind of picture of yourself do you have in your own mind? I’m not asking about the one you present to the world, but about the real ...

Walk with me, Part 4 – Nolita
Nolita is right next to Soho and I was thinking of putting these two walks together – and you could do that of course – but there are just too many things to explore in each neighborhood s...

Step 43: Have the Courage to Stand Alone
Photo by I heard this sentence: “Have the courage to stand alone”, spoken by Brene Brown in a conversation with Marie Forleo a few weeks ago, and it keeps ringing in ...

Walk with Me, Part 3 – Soho
  Soho is one of my favorite places in NY. And it’s not because of the fancy stores (I don’t have the desire to buy a Chanel bag, I want someone to give me that bag for free.) It's...

Step 42 – How do we not go crazy?
It’s very easy to go crazy in NY. It’s way too easy. That’s why at some point, you have to slow down and ask yourself how your mind is doing. There are a few different ways I ...

Step 41 – Close the Open Tabs
I recently noticed that everyone, including myself, says, “OMG, this month passed by so fast! Where did the time go?” And I feel that every year we say it more often. Have you noticed th...

The Bridges of Madison County - A Cautionary Tale
I’ve been coming back to old movies recently and watched one of my favorite movies of all time – “The Bridges of Madison County” with my favorite actress, Meryl Str...

Brooklyn vs. Manhattan
It’s funny how Manhattan and Brooklyn are different, even though they are only a river away. They are actually just one subway stop away (which is a few minutes’ distance). A lot of peop...

Women’s Surf Film Festival
I finally attended Women’s Surf Film Festival that took place at Rockaway Beach Surf Club on the last Friday and Saturday of July. I didn’t see all the movies (they’re mostly short...

35 years ago, a miracle happened and I came into this world. And everything changed. I’m kidding. Nothing changed, except for the fact that the world got a bit confused. When I was a little ...

Yelp & Health
If you are running a restaurant business in NYC, you always fear of two things: Health Department and Yelp reviews. Health Department comes to a restaurant once a year and checks everything &ndash...

Racism Is Still Alive
I just had a chance to watch a new movie called “Crown Heights” and I must say it was a really painful screening for me. Had I watched it back in Poland, I would probably look at it as j...
2017-03-23 Transform Yourself


This subject has been on my mind for a while now. I’m really appreciative that I have a chance to live in another country and get a completely different perspective on so many things. I have a feeling that living in only one country – no matter if it’s somewhere in Europe, in the US,  or anywhere else – gives you only one perspective and it’s very difficult to
2017-03-19 Transform Yourself

Step 25 – Get Real With Yourself.

I wrote over 20 posts abut transformation by now and have another 100 on my mind at least, but there is one thing I should have mentioned at the very beginning. One of the first steps to change something about yourself is just to get real with yourself. What do I mean by that? Just be honest with yourself. As easy as it sounds, it’s not easy at all. You don’t have a dream job? 
2017-03-12 Transform Yourself

Set your Standards, Woman!

On Wedneday was the International Women’s Day – our holiday – so I decided to just go to a coffee shop and think about all women I know and what future I see for us. And the future I see ahead of us is bright. Under one condition, though – we have to take care of ourselves. My whole section Transform Yourself is dedicated mostly for women, because I do think it’s us
2017-03-05 Transform Yourself

Step 24: Broken Promises

I promised myself to have only two coffees this week and I still went and got me a third one. I promised myself to work out five times a week this year and yet I did it only three times last week. I promised myself not to eat pasta and I just had it the other day. Was I angry at myself? Yes I was. Could I have done differently? Probably. Should I have made it differently? Probably. Does it mean
2017-03-03 Transform Yourself

Step 23 – Do You Have To Find Your Passion?

What do you think about this advice: Find your passion…? I used to think it’s a great advice and I thought that when I finally do find my passion, it would magically solve all my problems. Now I think it’s bullshit. Find your passion… what does that even mean? How does one find one’s passion? You just google it according to you zodiac sign and a date of your birth
2017-02-25 Transform Yourself

Live the Way You Want

Just recently, I wrote about women and having kids and it turned out to be one of the most popular posts on Just Like NY. Which was surprising to me, because I imagined I’d be slammed for writing about that in the way I did. I got a lot of support from women who were telling me that they needed to read that. They needed to feel that there is someone like them out there. Which only showed m
2017-02-15 Transform Yourself

Step 22 - Does “Think positive” Make Any Sense?

I was always saying: “You have to think positive!” and I still believe it’s way more effective than focusing on “what can go wrong”. If you focus on what can go wrong, you can be more than sure that something will actually go wrong. It’s a fact. But recently I realized it’s actually a bit of a useless advice. It makes sense to say it to someone who is in
2017-02-12 Transform Yourself

Step 21: Pay Attention to Your Thoughts

I had this „weird” situation not long time ago that I already wrote about on my fanpage on Facebook. I just want to come back to it one more time, because I want you to start paying attention to something and to start thinking about what is that you want. Two months ago, I was very frustrated with my situation. I came to NY to follow my dreams and I caught myself dividing my time b

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