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Step 44 - How Do You See Yourself?
photo by I wonder what kind of picture of yourself do you have in your own mind? I’m not asking about the one you present to the world, but about the real ...

Walk with me, Part 4 – Nolita
Nolita is right next to Soho and I was thinking of putting these two walks together – and you could do that of course – but there are just too many things to explore in each neighborhood s...

Step 43: Have the Courage to Stand Alone
Photo by I heard this sentence: “Have the courage to stand alone”, spoken by Brene Brown in a conversation with Marie Forleo a few weeks ago, and it keeps ringing in ...

Walk with Me, Part 3 – Soho
  Soho is one of my favorite places in NY. And it’s not because of the fancy stores (I don’t have the desire to buy a Chanel bag, I want someone to give me that bag for free.) It's...

Step 42 – How do we not go crazy?
It’s very easy to go crazy in NY. It’s way too easy. That’s why at some point, you have to slow down and ask yourself how your mind is doing. There are a few different ways I ...

Step 41 – Close the Open Tabs
I recently noticed that everyone, including myself, says, “OMG, this month passed by so fast! Where did the time go?” And I feel that every year we say it more often. Have you noticed th...

The Bridges of Madison County - A Cautionary Tale
I’ve been coming back to old movies recently and watched one of my favorite movies of all time – “The Bridges of Madison County” with my favorite actress, Meryl Str...

Brooklyn vs. Manhattan
It’s funny how Manhattan and Brooklyn are different, even though they are only a river away. They are actually just one subway stop away (which is a few minutes’ distance). A lot of peop...

Women’s Surf Film Festival
I finally attended Women’s Surf Film Festival that took place at Rockaway Beach Surf Club on the last Friday and Saturday of July. I didn’t see all the movies (they’re mostly short...

35 years ago, a miracle happened and I came into this world. And everything changed. I’m kidding. Nothing changed, except for the fact that the world got a bit confused. When I was a little ...

Yelp & Health
If you are running a restaurant business in NYC, you always fear of two things: Health Department and Yelp reviews. Health Department comes to a restaurant once a year and checks everything &ndash...

Racism Is Still Alive
I just had a chance to watch a new movie called “Crown Heights” and I must say it was a really painful screening for me. Had I watched it back in Poland, I would probably look at it as j...
2016-07-11 Living in NY

Be Proud

Pride Parade day is one of my favorite ones. Why? Because you can feel love pouring out on the streets everywhere. It’s in every step you take, on every corner, everywhere on the subway. There are rainbows everywhere. We look at rainbows, we are dressed in rainbows, even our hearts turn to rainbows during that day. What is it truly about? It’s not about this particular parade, it&rsq
2016-06-18 Living in NY

Women’s Bodies Matter

If you don’t know Amy Schumer yet, I’ll help you – she’s the most popular comedienne in the United States right now. Her career exploded within the last two years. Her sexual life and her vagina are her landmark topics. Her enormous distance towards herself and towards her body became the main subject of most of her skits. She is constantly saying she’s not perfect,
2016-05-03 Living in NY

Brunching – the way to show off

Brunching is really a funny occurrence, happening in all big cities around the world. I wrote about brunches already, but the longer I live in NY, the more amusing I find them. For those who don’t know – a brunch is a weekend/holiday late breakfast eaten out in the city. You are usually partying on the night before it and as soon as you wake up in the afternoon with a huge hangover,
2016-04-18 Living in NY

The Truth About The Wall Street Guys

Have you seen “The Wolf of Wall Street”? I bet most of you wondered if Leo didn’t go over the top a little bit. Had I watched this movie without having lived in NYC, I would have thought that his portrayal was way exaggerated. But since I live here and I did meet a few guys from Wall Street, I do believe that the whole thing could have happened just the way it was presented. I
2016-04-14 Living in NY

How To Brew Coffee In New York City

Every time I watch “Girls” I’m amazed by Lena’s Dunham talent – she is the creator of the show (for those who don’t know – the show is about 4 NY girls in their twenties who are trying to make a living in NYC). I have to admit – the new season is terrific and has Lena coming back in full glory. But this is not what I want to write about. There is o
2016-04-11 Living in NY

Innovative Brand Thinx – How to Make Women’s Lives Easier

A couple of months ago I got off the train and I saw an ad of a woman falling down with an egg yolk pouring out next to her. A few days later I saw the same ad on the subway and I read that it was an innovative product for women having their period. I said: „Wow” out loud right away, because if there is any technology that can help me out while I’m menstruating, I say yes to it
2016-03-07 Living in NY

American Professionalism

I love going to NBA games (I haven’t gotten to other kinds yet). Besides the sports itself and all the guys running around with the ball, I love something else about it: I always know that everything will go according to plan (I wish I could be as certain of Nets’s score…) and that I don’t have to get to the game an hour earlier in order to get to my seat. I only need to
2016-02-26 Living in NY

A Day Off = Procrastination

We live in a city that never sleeps, so I bet you assume we take advantage of every aspect of it. And even if we don’t do it on a daily basis, you probably think we do it on our day off. Nope, nothing like that is happening and I am the best example of that, since I am writing this post on a day off, at 2 AM, while laying on my couch. It’s been a long time since I’ve been to a

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