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Don’t judge by the chapter you walked into.
It’s a new year, so I want you to change one thing. I would say “we,” but I’ve already been working on it the last two years (not that I’ve mastered it yet). Don’...

Why Some Women Don’t Want to Have Kids (And Why the Reason Is Not What You Think It Is)
Yes, I want to write about it (again), because it bothers me. I recently realized I don’t want to have kids (now and maybe ever). And I realized how difficult it is for a woman not only to adm...

You’re Fine
2018 has been a very successful year for me, because I finally understand that I’m completely fine. I just look at myself and I finally see myself. It took me half my life to understand it, bu...

It’s Profound to Be Understood
As Whoopi Goldberg said in her book „If He Says: ‚You complete me’ — Run!”, which I’ve already written about on JLNY some time ago, people tend to mistake love fo...

You’re Always Becoming
Michelle Obama released her book memoir, „Becoming”, and I keep seeing it everywhere in NYC. I haven’t read it yet and now I really want to. Not because I consider Barack Obam...

Drop This Attitude
I just had my best friend Gosia visited me from Chicago a few weeks ago. We spent the whole weekend together excited about each other. We did a few activities, but what was the most important was th...

Is Your Partner’s Skin Color or Country of Origin Relevant At All?
I will answer the titular question right away: „I don’t think so”. And I’m pretty sure I am right. I honestly don’t understand this whole theory about having a partner ...

How To Get the Body You Want
Have you ever said to yourself: “I’m so fat”…? Or “I can’t even look at myself”…?. Or “I will never lose all this weight”…? Or &l...

Accept the challenge
Until now, my favorite sentence was always: “Hope he’ll change after we get married.” (Yeah,  sure, into a pumpkin…) But there is a new contender that I find equally ...

NY Love Story A.D. 2019
I don’t like romantic comedies. And I can tell you why. Once, it used to be my favorite genre, but I grew up since then (a bit). Also — I moved to NY. Romantic comedies just don’t ...

When Was the Last Time Your Journal Embarrassed You?
When was the last time you said to yourself: “This is embarrassing”, and you actually meant yourself…? Well, it just happened to me. I sat down to write about something else and I...

Why It’s Important To Not Look Like Shit
Here is my question: Why do you think it’s a good idea to look like shit at home? Some people put on their worst clothes at home - clothes with holes, stretched out, worn out, old and ugly. (B...
2014-04-19 Discover NY

The Flavors of NY - Lower East Side I

I already wrote here at Just Like NY about Lower East Side being my favorite part of town lately. I spend more and more time there and I keep discovering its nooks and crannies. And naturally, I get to know more and more interesting food places I’m eager to revisit. Your ideal LES Flavors Day should start at the Triple Shot World Atlas Café at 37-39 Clinton Street, preferably wit
2014-04-11 Discover NY

Beacon’s Closet

One of innumerable reasons people choose to come to NYC is shopping. OK, shopping is the No. 2 reason to come here, right after taking a gorgeous selfie in the middle of Times Square. No sooner than you say “New York”, people think of Macy’s, of all the Broadway stores below 14th St., as well as of TJ Maxx and Marshall on 6th Ave. Those in the know will probably head
2014-04-07 Discover NY

Lower East Side

Rivington street I love Lower East Side (LES), stretching from Houston Street all the way to Chinatown. It is rarely that the place figures on the “to do lists” of NYC tourists, even though it should. It’s raggedy and not very clean, but for me it really has the “old New York” spirit. This district is changing, too, and you cannot tell how it will look in a couple
2014-04-04 Discover NY

Magical Spots, Part I

There are places in NY which I would love to share with everyone I know. Every single time I visit them, I am reminded of why I love living here so much. One place like that is Sutton Place (58th St. & York Avenue), with the memorable bench featured in Woody Allen’s “Manhattan” and a great view of Queensboro Bridge. This little square is perfect for a short repose and for co
2014-04-02 Transform Yourself

Never, never, never give up.

I always believed that some people appear in our lives for a reason. They tend to do so especially when we really need a sign that what we do truly has a meaning. Recently, when I had one of those days and I kept asking myself the lofty question of “Is it really worth it?”, I met a certain man from California. The gentleman, well in his sixties, started to ask me where I was from; he
2014-03-27 Discover NY


It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon, spring was just around the corner, so I decided to take a walk. My destination was Chinatown. Chinatown is in Manhattan and is considered as the largest and the oldest enclave of Chinese people outside of Asia. Its unofficial street borders are: Broom street to the north, Chambers street to the south, East Broadway to the east and Broadway to the west. 
2014-03-14 Discover NY

World Trade Center Today

As it turns out, World Trade Center – the place where the two famous tower used to stand – is often one of the first things NYC tourists want to see. New Yorkers, on the other hand, don’t mention it too often – most of them probably don’t even remember when was it that they wandered into that area. Still, for the tourists it seems to be the absolute No. 1 priority. I
2014-03-06 Discover NY

Eating Out Movie Style

It goes without saying that this city is full of movie-related places, but two are especially worthy of a visit. One can even say that you haven’t really seen NY until you visited these two spots (I’m kidding – I didn’t get there myself before my fifth or seventh trip to the Big Apple). The first place is of course Katz’s Delicatessen, where Meg Ryan lived through t

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