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Don’t judge by the chapter you walked into.
It’s a new year, so I want you to change one thing. I would say “we,” but I’ve already been working on it the last two years (not that I’ve mastered it yet). Don’...

Why Some Women Don’t Want to Have Kids (And Why the Reason Is Not What You Think It Is)
Yes, I want to write about it (again), because it bothers me. I recently realized I don’t want to have kids (now and maybe ever). And I realized how difficult it is for a woman not only to adm...

You’re Fine
2018 has been a very successful year for me, because I finally understand that I’m completely fine. I just look at myself and I finally see myself. It took me half my life to understand it, bu...

It’s Profound to Be Understood
As Whoopi Goldberg said in her book „If He Says: ‚You complete me’ — Run!”, which I’ve already written about on JLNY some time ago, people tend to mistake love fo...

You’re Always Becoming
Michelle Obama released her book memoir, „Becoming”, and I keep seeing it everywhere in NYC. I haven’t read it yet and now I really want to. Not because I consider Barack Obam...

Drop This Attitude
I just had my best friend Gosia visited me from Chicago a few weeks ago. We spent the whole weekend together excited about each other. We did a few activities, but what was the most important was th...

Is Your Partner’s Skin Color or Country of Origin Relevant At All?
I will answer the titular question right away: „I don’t think so”. And I’m pretty sure I am right. I honestly don’t understand this whole theory about having a partner ...

How To Get the Body You Want
Have you ever said to yourself: “I’m so fat”…? Or “I can’t even look at myself”…?. Or “I will never lose all this weight”…? Or &l...

Accept the challenge
Until now, my favorite sentence was always: “Hope he’ll change after we get married.” (Yeah,  sure, into a pumpkin…) But there is a new contender that I find equally ...

NY Love Story A.D. 2019
I don’t like romantic comedies. And I can tell you why. Once, it used to be my favorite genre, but I grew up since then (a bit). Also — I moved to NY. Romantic comedies just don’t ...

When Was the Last Time Your Journal Embarrassed You?
When was the last time you said to yourself: “This is embarrassing”, and you actually meant yourself…? Well, it just happened to me. I sat down to write about something else and I...

Why It’s Important To Not Look Like Shit
Here is my question: Why do you think it’s a good idea to look like shit at home? Some people put on their worst clothes at home - clothes with holes, stretched out, worn out, old and ugly. (B...
2014-05-21 Living in NY

I’ll Meet You At McDonald’s

As I stand on my balcony, I can see the nearby McDonald’s… Even though it’s embarrassing to say so, I have to admit that the sentence would have had a near-magical glow to it, had I been uttering it back as a teenager. It used to be that living next to a McDonald’s restaurant marked the pinnacle of my dreams. Needless to say, nowadays it doesn’t impress me –
2014-05-19 Discover NY

Coney Island - Brooklyn Half Marathon

That was a beautiful day, there was the ocean on one side, the runners on the other side, and the sun above us. The day I described was last Saturday, 17th May, during the Brooklyn Half Marathon, with the finish line in Coney Island, right next to the ocean. We're rooting  with my friends since 8 AM (it was exactly when the first runners started finishing). Even though we weren't ab
2014-05-15 Living in NY

The YouTube Career Girls

Since I see their faces everywhere (on YouTube, on the Subway, at bus stops), I decided to learn who they are. Michelle Phan, Bethany Mota and Rosanna Pansino convince me every day I should follow my passion, as well as make me gawk at the number of their fans and subscribers.  For the first time ever, YouTube is using its content for advertising – namely, the aforementioned stars wh
2014-05-07 Living in NY


  I often hear: „Oh, these are just stereotypes; you can’t pigeonhole people”. I don’t necessarily agree. Of course there are as many approaches to life as there are people themselves – and I certainly don’t enjoy it when I’m being judged stereotypically (even though Polish women in NYC are usually seen as diligent workers, there’s still a stro
2014-05-05 Discover NY

Spring At Central Park

Spring finally hit NY! (we're loosing hope). Because it's warmer and the trees are blossoming I decided it was a perfect time for Central Park. When I was there for the first time 10 years ago, I was astonished how huge this place was. And I still can't understand how it's possible that something as amazing as this park could be in the middle of Manhattan. The pictures I took captured
2014-04-25 Transform Yourself

Reaching a New Level

As I said in the “About Me” box on this website, I like creative people, which is one of the reasons I moved to NY. It’s true that it’s a city full of freaks – of whom I already wrote at Just Like NY – but also a city filled with people who came here with the same purpose I have: to find themselves and to constantly grow. Is it only in NY that you can spread
2014-04-23 Discover NY

Motown on Broadway

   I’m curious how do you imagine a Broadway show to look like? In my imagination, these two words always conjured up an image of a huge auditorium and a big stage, filled with miracles of Cirque du Soleil variety. Imagine my surprise when a couple of years ago I went to see “The Producers” and I entered an auditorium looking very much like the theaters I knew, with a
2014-04-21 Living in NY

To Be Gay in NY

I really don’t know how it’s possible that I still haven’t written of gay men in NY. Those who know me even a little realize that I’m a big supporter of gay rights and I protect my gay friends like a mother hen taking care of her chicks (at times I even protect them from themselves). I have many gay friends and I will always shake my head at anyone saying that “thos

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