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Wait For the Understanding Nod
I recently chatted on Instagram with a guy (we haven’t met in real life, he just saw my photos on social media) and he said this thing, and I quote: “How come you’re still single? ...

Step 63 - It’s All About Priorities
I know a guy in NY who doesn’t like to spend money on a cup of coffee. He doesn’t understand why anyone would spend $6 on a cup of coffee when you can pay $15 for a whole bag. But at the...

“The Top Five Regrets of Dying” - Regret Number One
This is a continuation of my posts about Bronnie Ware’s “The Top Five Regrets of Dying,” this being the last one. I wrote about Regret Numbers Five, Four, Three and Two here. Regr...

Love is Born
I watched “A Star is born” recently and can’t stop thinking about this movie.  It’s a story that has been told in Hollywood many times already: that of a seasoned mus...

Just Like NY on UrbanCreativiti-tea.com!
I'm happy to have a guest apperance on Urban Creativi-tea! Thank you for having me! It's an honor!  If you're looking for any (fashion) inspiration check them out http://urbancreativi-tea.c...

“The Top Five Regrets of Dying” - Regret Number Two
I continue my posts about Bronnie Ware “The Top Five Regrets of Dying”, I wrote about regret number five here, four here and three here. The second regret is - I wish I hadn’t...

“The Top Five Regrets of the Dying” - Regret Number Three
  I continue my posts about Bronnie Ware’s “Five Top Regrets of the Dying”. I wrote about regret number five and four hereand here. The third regret is: &bdquo...

NY Through My Eyes - West Village, October 2018
I started my You Tube series "NY Through My Eyes". My goal is to explore the most interesting NY neighborhoods. I took off with the West Village. More (and better) to come. I'll be talking a...

“The Top Five Regrets of the Dying” - Regret Number Four
I continue my posts about Bronnie Ware’s “Five Top Regrets of the Dying”. I wrote about regret no. 5 here. The fourth regret is: „I wish I stayed in touch with my friend...

Color Factory - Wake Up Your Inner Child
The problem with NY is that we have too much of everything. There are so many events every day that sometimes - or most of the time - you just choose…to stay at home. And that’s exactly...

Step 62 - Your Opinion of Me Is None of My Business
Yeah, I know. The second you hear the sentence I chose for the title of this post, it sounds very cocky to you. It sounds like my self-esteem is sky-rocketing and my ego is bursting at the seams. Bu...

“The Top Five Regrets of the Dying” - Regret Number Five
For some reason, I’ve kept seeing again the list of “The Top 5 Regrets of the Dying” poping up recently all the time. It’s a list created by Bronnie Ware, based on her best- ...
2014-06-25 Discover NY

Summer JustGuide – Part II – Where to Party and Meet Beautiful People

There are two summer events in NY that you truly shouldn’t miss. One of these are Sunset parties at what is so far my favorite club here: Le Bain inside Standard Hotel at High Line. They usually start at 7 PM (3 PM on Fridays and 5t PM on Sundays). On the weekends there’s a DJ right after the the party finishes. Le Bain is my favorite place because, apart from great DJs, it also spots
2014-06-23 Discover NY

Summer JustGuide, Part I

Summer has arrived all too suddenly and since it will be too short as always, you need to be alert and know what’s going on. I already missed out on some events, because it escaped me that the season is already in bloom. First of all, I recommend following the series of events under the Celebrate Brooklyn banner:  http://bricartsmedia.org/performing-arts/celebrate-brooklyn/celebr
2014-06-16 Discover NY

Korengal – Coming Home the Hard Way

As I wrote once at Just Like NY, I am lucky to meet interesting people here who inspire me. One of these is Sebastian Junger: writer, journalist, director and screenwriter. He wrote “The Perfect Storm” (later filmed with George Clooney as the lead) and “War”. He also co-directed the famous 2010 documentary “Restrepo”, nominated for an Academy Award. His new do
2014-06-13 Discover NY

Why I Will Be Coming Back to Governors Ball

I have been waiting for the Governors Ball music festival since last year, so I bought the 3-day pass as soon as it became available. I have been attending the biggest Polish musical festival called Open’er for many years now, so I couldn’t possibly miss this one. Governors Ball takes place on Randall Island, which you can reach by ferry, by bus or on foot – depending on which
2014-06-11 Discover NY

Governors Ball 2014 in pictures

Governors Ball is a music festival that took place on the first weekend of June. 3 days of live music, more than 60 artists and smile on my face guaranteed :) More about the festival here and now check out my photos.  André "André 3000" Benjamin (OutKast) - in the yellow cap - watching Childish Gamb
2014-06-04 Discover NY

East River State Park

I found this place by accident two years ago, this is how it usually happens to me lately, and I was totally blown away. This part of Williamsburg, one of the most hyped Brooklyn neighborhoods, the one no-one cared about over a decade ago, happened to be one of the most desired places to live and hang out in right now.  Just right at the East River the new blocks and a very cozy square have b
2014-06-01 Living in NY

Healthy Living

It’s finally warm outside! People went out to the streets and realized the summer is here. In fact, I’m speaking of myself (I’m 3 months late in realizing I need to prepare my body for a bikini), but I suspect I’m not alone in this. Together with the disappearance of heavy coats and jackets (which we have been wearing for far too long this season), suddenly what I see eve
2014-05-29 Living in NY

Starbucks – Beyond the Coffee

Almost everyone in Poland knows what Starbucks is, and literally everyone knows it in New York. In Manhattan alone, there a Starbucks every couple of blocks (over 300 places in total), and even if there are fewer of them in other boroughs, the number keeps growing (recently they even opened one in Greenpoint - the picture above). In Poland, there are only a couple of Starbucks cafes and the pr

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