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How Many (Facebook) Friends Do You Need?
I remember when Facebook first came into our lives, we were all kind of proud of the fact that our friend count was growing. The more there is social media in our lives, the more I real...

Are You Able To Let Your Old Self Go?
I’m lucky enough to have a few friends whom I can share my fears, tears and happy moments with. These are friends with whom I can go through any emotional rollercoaster. It’s very i...

What’s The Best Dating Advice?
There are plenty of advisors on the dating scene – there are videos and articles about every aspect of dating, with all these great pieces of advice: “What to do on a date,” “W...

What You Really Need Is A Connection…With Yourself
I lead a life that I didn’t expect to be leading right now. (No, I’m not a princess living in a castle.) Six months ago, I decided not to have internet in my apartment. I have it on my pho...

Getting You Off The Hook.
I’ve done some thinking recently and tried to figure out the basic way people come up with an excuse. It’s a broad topic, but I’ve mostly experienced one response from variety of ...

Williamsburg Is Over
Summer’s almost here, so I decided to take a walk in Williamsburg, and it just reassured me that… thinks are really over for this neighborhood. I moved to Greenpoint (a sister neighbor...

Where is love?
Love has been on my mind recently (and probably has been unconsciously for a while now) and I started thinking about where to find it. I know it’s a pretty odd thing (you can&rsqu...

It’s Your Man Or...Your Girlfriend?
I recently noticed a very scary pattern, and I’m wondering what is causing it. I’ve noticed that women are a bit lost and confused as to what kind of partner they want to have by thei...

Should I Dump Him?
I was just sitting in the sauna at my gym last week, and I couldn’t help but overheard the conversation of two women around my age (even though I was trying very hard to focus on the guys in spe...

We all pretend it’s normal…
We all pretend that life in NY is normal. Just today I had the day off, which isn’t usually for a Thursday, and I decided to go to the gym before noon. I got on a train at 10am and...

What If I Told You That You Can Have a Different Life?
I know I will sound very naïve now, but I had a recent revelation I would like to share with you. I started thinking about the choices we make and why we actually make them. Those who have rea...

Poor Rich Kids
I have mentioned money in NYC on Just Like NY a few times already. There is a lot of money here, and people spend lots of it on a variety of weird and stupid things sometimes....
2014-06-11 Discover NY

Governors Ball 2014 in pictures

Governors Ball is a music festival that took place on the first weekend of June. 3 days of live music, more than 60 artists and smile on my face guaranteed :) More about the festival here and now check out my photos.  André "André 3000" Benjamin (OutKast) - in the yellow cap - watching Childish Gamb
2014-06-04 Discover NY

East River State Park

I found this place by accident two years ago, this is how it usually happens to me lately, and I was totally blown away. This part of Williamsburg, one of the most hyped Brooklyn neighborhoods, the one no-one cared about over a decade ago, happened to be one of the most desired places to live and hang out in right now.  Just right at the East River the new blocks and a very cozy square have b
2014-06-01 Living in NY

Healthy Living

It’s finally warm outside! People went out to the streets and realized the summer is here. In fact, I’m speaking of myself (I’m 3 months late in realizing I need to prepare my body for a bikini), but I suspect I’m not alone in this. Together with the disappearance of heavy coats and jackets (which we have been wearing for far too long this season), suddenly what I see eve
2014-05-29 Living in NY

Starbucks – Beyond the Coffee

Almost everyone in Poland knows what Starbucks is, and literally everyone knows it in New York. In Manhattan alone, there a Starbucks every couple of blocks (over 300 places in total), and even if there are fewer of them in other boroughs, the number keeps growing (recently they even opened one in Greenpoint - the picture above). In Poland, there are only a couple of Starbucks cafes and the pr
2014-05-26 Living in NY

Nails, or Chinese Business

In one of my previous posts at Just Like NY („First-Aid Kit”) I wrote on the ubiquitous nail salons, which specialize in manicure and pedicure. I remember I was stunned by their number on my first visit here. Turns out that the demand for those establishments is still huge. New York City women may often wear sweatshirts, but their fingernails and toenails have to be “done&rdquo
2014-05-21 Living in NY

I’ll Meet You At McDonald’s

As I stand on my balcony, I can see the nearby McDonald’s… Even though it’s embarrassing to say so, I have to admit that the sentence would have had a near-magical glow to it, had I been uttering it back as a teenager. It used to be that living next to a McDonald’s restaurant marked the pinnacle of my dreams. Needless to say, nowadays it doesn’t impress me –
2014-05-19 Discover NY

Coney Island - Brooklyn Half Marathon

That was a beautiful day, there was the ocean on one side, the runners on the other side, and the sun above us. The day I described was last Saturday, 17th May, during the Brooklyn Half Marathon, with the finish line in Coney Island, right next to the ocean. We're rooting  with my friends since 8 AM (it was exactly when the first runners started finishing). Even though we weren't ab
2014-05-15 Living in NY

The YouTube Career Girls

Since I see their faces everywhere (on YouTube, on the Subway, at bus stops), I decided to learn who they are. Michelle Phan, Bethany Mota and Rosanna Pansino convince me every day I should follow my passion, as well as make me gawk at the number of their fans and subscribers.  For the first time ever, YouTube is using its content for advertising – namely, the aforementioned stars wh

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