My 8-week program – Find your way back to yourself

My name is Dagmara and I’m an Intuitive coach, blogger and a journalist. I left everything I knew behind me in Poland, packed my suitcase, put $1000 in my pocket and came to NYC to finally fully express myself, create and break free. I know that it takes the courage to mute the external expectations and parents’ voice in our head and follow our passion, but if I could do it, everyone can do it too. I know that going deep into our soul and becoming ourselves again, will completely transform our lives. I have this firm belief that self-awareness is key to a happy life, and if you add to that the courage to be you, you will find your purpose. I know the struggles, the pain and difficulties that come with it, that’s why I created my 8-week program to guide people through that process slowly. There is no quick fix; it takes work, but what’s waiting for all of us on the other side, is worth every inch of our effort. Life is too short to live someone’s else life. I want you to express yourself, maybe for the first time.

I work with creatives because they inspire me, and I want to work with many of them; that’s why I’m open to price negotiations and trade-off. 

I created this program based on my own transformation, my knowledge I’ve been gathering the last few years, coaching courses I’ve done, and the training I had with Dr Pam Denton. I combined my coaching knowledge with the Intuitive knowledge to not only help you understand what you are capable of but also to help you change some beliefs that you have about yourself, and help you heal. I can promise you that you will never look at yourself the same way again and that you will set yourself free.

My 8-week program is based on three keys: self-awareness, self-acceptance and self-care. There are 1.5h – 2h sessions every week. There will be one additional session 3-4 weeks after we finish. The price is $800. We do it online or one in one session. Here is the guideline for these 8 weeks:

Session #1: Defining the problem.
I’ll start building your self-awareness from the first session. We’ll start tracking your patterns in order to understand what is that you (sometimes unconsciously) struggle with. I’ll show you a few techniques that you should incorporate in your life and we’ll start taking care of you more. The goal of this session is to start bringing more peace into your life. 

Session #2: Getting Real with Yourself.
The session has two parts. One is about your hopes and dreams, the second one is about defining the main area of your life we should work on. In order to get what you want, you have to start working on the thing that hurts you most.

Session #3: Self-Care.
I discovered that self-care is the key to happy living. You can’t fulfill your desires without taking care of yourself and showing yourself some love. I’ll teach you a few exercises that help you appreciate yourself more and will simply make you happier. 

Session #4: It will get hard.
In this session, we will get a bit deeper. I would like you to look closer at yourself and be more honest with yourself. I don’t want you to be your own critic (since you already are one), but I want you to look a bit more real at yourself. Paradoxically – it will bring you clarity and relief. 

Session #5: Building Yourself Up.
The fifth session is about surrounding yourself with people/tools/environment that helps you grow. You know yourself more now and you can start building yourself up. I’ll show you tools that help you go on the next level.

Session #6: Let’s Create Your Future. 
Since your picture of you becomes clearer, we can now start working on your future and make some plans. I’ll help you create a vision for yourself so you could finally step on the right path for yourself. 

Session #7: You’re enough.
At this point, you understand more about yourself and you know what your needs are. You start saying out loud what is that you really want. Now we have to plant a seed of confidence and build your new beliefs about yourself. 

Session #8: Goal setting.
That’s exciting! You got to the last session and that means you’re ready to rock it! You are more self-aware, you know how to take care of yourself and what you truly need. I will help you set your goals and get on the right path to fulfill your purpose. Your new life will begin.

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